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50 Yellow Flower Cane Slices - Nail Art (CNS15)

50 Yellow Flower Cane Slices - Nail Art (CNS15)
 Product ID: 6042
Highly detailed, handmade Yellow Flower Cane Slices made from Polymer Clay.Our cane slices are used extensively by Professional Nail Technicians and Salons to supply modern, high quality nail art to thousands of customers worldwide and by many people in the miniatures world to add to their miniature food and displays quickly and simply providing a professional and realistic finish.Price is for 50 slices
Section:  Canes and Nail Art
Category:  Flower Slices
Size: 5mm High x 5mm Wide x 0.5mm Deep

Dolls House Herbalist/Apothecary Square Bryony Herb Label

Dolls House Herbalist/Apothecary Square Bryony Herb Label
 Product ID: 16042
This Herb label is part of our vast range of apothecary, Magic and Herb range.Each label in this range is designed, aged and printed by us producing highly detailed unique miniatures that make any scene look special.This label is printed on photo quality self adhesive vinyl allowing you to apply this miniature label to any miniature with the minimum of fuss.
Section:  Apothecary/Herbalist
Category:  Square Herb Labels
Size: 13mm High x 13mm Wide x 1mm Deep
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