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Added: 07 October 2015
New Items For A New Section
In the next few days we will be adding our first new Coffee Shop items.

These are all made in the UK by MyTinyWorld and the feedback we have had from customers who have seen them at our warehouse is fantastic.

If you cannot wait to look we have posted a set of 10 photographs of our new coffees on our facebook page
which can be found here
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Added: 01 October 2015
We are about to update the accessories with 100+ new items
In the next few days we are adding a lot of new accessories to the website. We are just in the process of photographing them and adding descriptions.

We hope you get as excited about them when you see them as we are photographing them!
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Added: 02 September 2013
MyTinyWorld is pleased to welcome new members of staff
MyTinyWorld would like to welcome Justiyna and Rob to our staff.

Justiyna has been taken on to manage the customer service and administrative aspects of our business. She is very motivated, full of energy and looks forward to communicating with you.

Rob has been employed to manage our various sales channels and to ensure quality of service and that a consistent merchandising approach is used. He also has a secondary IT support role.
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Added: 28 March 2013
Next Month We Are Releasing A Range Of DIY Silicone Moulds
Keep your eye on the shop for our exciting range of silicone moulds.

You can use them air dried clay, oven drying polymer clay and even resin to produce some fantastic miniatures for your Dolls House.

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Added: 22 April 2012
Preview Handmade Miniature Traditional German Wooden Toys - Stickliesel

We think this is really cute and worth a special mention. One of our soon to be released German wood toys is this miniature (10mm!) WORKING knitting doll. Comes with its own box and book.
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Added: 21 April 2012
Coming Soon - Huge Range Of Craft Knives, Blades, Scalpels and Handles
We have sold a limited range of scalpels and blades for nearly 2 years and they have always proved very popular. As we have now begun expanding our craft section we decided to expand the blades as well. We got carried away...

We are introducing a full range of knives and blades ranging from 50p disposable scalpels up to premium professional craft knives. In total over 70 new products that should meet most peoples needs if you ever have the desire to cut, trim or chop anything!
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March 2012
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Added: 30 March 2012
A final note to end this months dolls house miniature section
March has been a busy month for us - the Dolls House Show in Arnhem in particular takes a lot of planning before, during and after the 2 day show.

If you have never been to it we would highly recommend it as everyone is friendly the range of products on show is amazing and its just generally good fun.

Keep your eye out for quite a few new product ranges - both Dolls House Miniature and Jewellery related over the next few months.

We are also going to be introducing a premium glass range - limited edition, low run masterpieces!
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Added: 27 March 2012
Heres a quick photo of our stand at the Arnhem March 2012 Dolls House Show
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Added: 01 March 2012
Lots of Exciting Events This Month Including New Dolls House Miniature Products
This month we have the dolls house show in Arnhem, we are introducing 300 new miniatures, welcome two new members of staff, upgrade our website and get the roof on our warehouse fixed!
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February 2012
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Added: 04 February 2012
Arnhem Dolls House Show is fast approaching, place your orders
Arnhem Dolls House Show is next month and MyTinyWorld is busy preparing for it. We normally spend 3 months preparing so and setup the stand in our warehouse and design new layouts.

Next month we will add two albums showing us preparing the stand and some of the new displays we will be exhibiting. If you need to order something for pickup from the show you have just over 2 weeks left to place them.
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