MyTinyWorld Frequently Asked Questions

MyTinyWorld FAQ's

Jewellery versus Jewelry
You may have noticed that throughout this site, we have used a mixture of the "proper" English spelling of the word "jewellery" and the American spelling of "jewelry". We would like to reassure you that this is not because we are completely indecisive or eccentric (we are) or even worse, cannot spell. It is simply because it helps to make our site more findable in search engines.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes we take credit card payments. You can either select pay by credit card when completing your order or telephone us with your order and payment details. Account customers will be able to log into their account and pay for outstanding orders. All of our dolls house products can be bought over the telephone or on our website

I Placed an order, but was unable to make a payment. Can I pay now?
Yes. You can telephone us with your credit card details on 01604 589818 or you can send a payment via PayPal quoting your order number. Please send payment to

Do you post only to the UK?
We post to every country in the world as long as they have a regular postal service.
Please note any dollshouse order over 34GBP has to have insurance.

What Currencies do you accept?
We only accept payment in United Kingdom Pounds Stirling , with the exception of the USA where customers may send us a personal cheque in $US

Can I send an International Money order, or Non UK Postal Order?

I have received my item and there is a problem with it.
Firstly, we are sorry you have a problem with your order. Please email us at and let us know what the problem is and we will endeavour to resolve it.

mytinyworld try to ensure every order of dolls house miniatures is sent quickly and well packaged. Occasionally something does go wrong.

Do you have a retail outlet?
Mytinyworld does not have a retail outlet at the moment although we do have plans to open 3 regional ones in the UK and others in the USA and Australia.

I resell your items miniature dolls house items. Do you offer a trade account?
For buyers who have a physical shop, sell online or at trade shows we do offer trade accounts which have flexible and generous discounts.

Do you have a My Tiny World catalogue of all of your 1/12th scale products?
Yes and No. We do not have a printed catalogue as our product range increases by 300-500 items per month making any catalogue we print out of date straight away. We do have plans to print them in the future when we stop introducing such a large amount of new items on a monthly basis.

We DO have an electronic catalogue, available at

Be warned This can take a while to load as it show all of our available products 4 images wide by (at the time this FAQ was written) 154 pages long!

Can I get a discount on my orders?
If you do not qualify for one of our sought after trade accounts you may still qualify for a discount based on your spending patterns. If you feel you warrant a discount please contact us and we will discus it.

Dolls house clubs and societies DO qualify for a discount. Please contact for information on how to access very generous discounts!

I make miniatures and would like to sell through your site. Can I?
Hello, and thank you for asking. As miniature makers ourselves we value the time, effort and skills that go into making world class minis. Please contact who will be please to discuss adding your items to our site with full credits and links to you. We are very interested in increasing our range of hand blown glassware and hand made miniature food.

I have experienced a problem using your website.
What problems! We have no problems. Well, thats the official line! Drop us an email and tell us what went wrong and we will fix it. Genuine problems brought to or attention get a free thank you gift!

Do you make all of your 1/12th scale miniature dolls house products?
No. We do not make items like the furniture or lights. They come from the same factories in China as our rivals, we just choose to sell them at 1/3 - 1/2 of their price. All other products that are not machine made, such as food products are either hand made by us in Northampton, UK, at our manufacturing facility abroard or by master craftsmen.

Do you only sell via your website?
No. We sell at trade shows, direct to trade and Dolls house fairs across the country.

Can I use your photos on my website or adverts?
All of our customers who have a trade account now have the ability to automatically download a watermark free image of each item they have purchased for use on their own sites. Terms and Conditions apply.

Did you know other people are copying your items?
Yes we do. There is one individual in particular on Ebay that endeavours to copy all our products sometimes within days although as many of our customers have found out, the individuals thai wife who makes the items does not produce very good quality copies!

Your website keeps changing the way it looks!
Indeed. We keep updating the website, adding new features and making it easier to use for you. We have been told by countless customers we have the best website, the best prices and the best products.

Are you making profit out of your postage rates?
We are the founding member and only member, of the Postage not Profit camp. We charge you what it costs us, although in many cases we undercharge.

I would like to ship my order to a different address to my billing address.
When you are going through the checkout process you are given the option to add notes and a shipping address.

Can you custom make items for me?
Yes. In fact we take great delight in making items for customers. We have taken on and completed a great number of commissions, including glassware, ceramic and general 1/12th scale dolls house items. Please email for prices.

I've got a great idea I would like to share with you.
We are always interested in new ideas. If you want to send us the idea, please email

Can I link my website to yours.
Links to our website are most welcome and many of our trade members and dollhouse club members already do.

If you do link to us please link to and the text link should be Great dolls house products from MyTinyWorld.

Your pictures look great. Whos to say the products look as good?
Thank you. Our pictures are great, but our products are better! Money back guarantee.

Why are some dolls house sellers moaning about you.
We have come across a number of sellers moaning and trying to spread rumours about undercutting and the such like. The problem seems to stem from the fact we are offering quality items at low cost whilst introducing brand new innovative designs which are stimulating the market. This seems to be effecting the less dynamic sellers who have not had to be competetive or good value in the past.