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Dolls House Miniature Toblerone Box

 Product Code: 14340
This dolls house miniature packaging is part of our extensive range of old cans, boxes, tins and packets from the 1800s upto 2000.

Every design is remastered and in many cases recreated from scratch to create old packaging that really help bring the look and feel of authenticity to your dolls house and miniature scenes.

Type:  Paper
Size:  4mm High x 22mm Wide x 4mm Deep
Added to Web:  16/07/2015
Related Terms:  Dolls House Miniature, Bulk Packaging, DIY Packaging, Packaging

Dolls House Miniature 10 Mixed Chocolate bars

 Product Code: 10780
A Selection Of 10 Mixed Cadburys Chocolate Bars.

These would look lovely in any dolls house scene - including shops and kitchens.

Price is for 10 items.

Type:  Metal
Size:  2mm Tall x 5mm Wide x 15mm Long
Added to Web:  10/02/2011
Related Terms:  Dolls House Miniature, 4 Tarts On A Plate, 1:12th Scale, Tubes
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