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Latest Additions To Our Dolls House Miniature Range

Set of 72 Miniature Dolls House Mixed Liqueur Labels

Dolls House Miniature - Set of 72 Miniature Dolls House Mixed Liqueur Labels
 Product ID: 16619
MyTinyWorld has produced and digitally enhanced this range of miniature cocktail and liqueur labels for dolls house enthusiasts from original 1920s...more
Section:  Pubs And Taverns
Category:  Cocktails / Liqueurs
Price: From £8.00

Dolls House Miniature 24cm Woven Turkish Hall Runner (TR111)

Dolls House Miniature - Dolls House Miniature 24cm Woven Turkish Hall Runner (TR111)
 Product ID: 16618
Our huge range of over 120 small runners are perfect for using in hallways, smaller rooms or as the centre decoration on a table. With such a wide ...more
Section:  Rugs and Carpets
Category:  Runners - Small
Price: From £2.50

This Months Dolls House Miniature Spotlighted Items

18 x Dolls House Miniature Decorative Wood Draw Handles

Dolls House Miniature - 18 x Dolls House Miniature Decorative Wood Draw Handles
 Product ID: 16191
These tiny wood handles simply push into a small hole in your draws, cupboard doors or furniture. They can be sanded, painted and stained to suit y...more
Section:  Components
Category:  Other Components
Price: From £2.50

Dolls House Miniature Real Pine Strip Floor With Self Adhesive Back

Dolls House Miniature - Dolls House Miniature Real Pine Strip Floor With Self Adhesive Back
 Product ID: 16179
These versatile sheet of unvarnished pine wood strips have a self adhesive backing allowing you to easily cut to shape and stick in place within mi...more
Section:  Components
Category:  Other Components
Price: From £9.99

Dolls House Miniature 6 Pane Long Shop Shop Kit

Dolls House Miniature - Dolls House Miniature 6 Pane Long Shop Shop Kit
 Product ID: 16166
This high quality dolls house miniature is made from MDF and quality Birch plywood. It has 6 arched windows and an opening double door set back in ...more
Section:  Dolls Houses
Category:  Shops
Price: From £74.99

1:24th Mixed Blue Ornate Pattern Tile Sheet With Light Grey Grout

Dolls House Miniature - 1:24th Mixed Blue Ornate Pattern Tile Sheet With Light Grey Grout
 Product ID: 16020
This sheet of floor tiles is reproduced to 1:24th scale from original 20cm square tiles. We also offer this floor tile design in 1:12th and...more
Section:  Floor Tile Sheets
Category:  1:24th Floor Tiles
Price: From £3.50

MyTinyWorlds Best Selling Dolls House Miniature Products

Dolls House Miniature Cooked Red Lobster

Dolls House Miniature - Dolls House Miniature Cooked Red  Lobster
 Product ID: 7953
This beautiful lobster is an absolute must for anyone creating their own fishmongers.Our range of air dried clay shellfish are individually hand ma...more
Section:  Fishmonger
Category:  Shellfish
Price: From £2.60

50 Dark / Milk Chocolate Slices - Nail Art (11NS39)

Dolls House Miniature - 50 Dark / Milk Chocolate Slices - Nail Art (11NS39)
 Product ID: 7214
Highly detailed, handmade dark chocolate with milk chocolate ripples slices with made from Fimo Polymer Clay.Our canes are used extensively by Prof...more
Section:  Canes and Nail Art
Category:  Chocolate Slices
Price: From £1.44

Live Customer Dolls House Miniature Product Views

50 Green And White Leaf With GlitterCane Slices (11NS59)

Dolls House Miniature - 50 Green And White Leaf With GlitterCane Slices (11NS59)
 Product ID: 7259
Highly detailed, handmade green and white leaf with glitter made from Fimo polymer clay.Our canes are used extensively by Professional Nail Technic...more
Section:  Canes and Nail Art
Category:  Leaf Slices
Price: From £1.44

Handmade All Sorts Sweet Cane Style 4

Dolls House Miniature - Handmade All Sorts Sweet Cane Style 4
 Product ID: 4604
This is type 4 of 12 of our "All sorts of sweets" canes.All of our canes and cane slices are made by us from Fimo to our designs.Cane slices...more
Section:  Canes and Nail Art
Category:  Sweet Canes
Price: From £1.60

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Doll's House Miniatures

There is something wonderfully creative about exact copies of every day items that have been recreated in miniature form. Dolls house furniture for example has become quite a popular collectible, and companies across the UK have started to reproduce these by hand, or have become suppliers of these items, which are made abroad, and often in China. In terms of dolls house accessories, there are countless numbers of items that are created by hand, and if you are looking for a reliable and skilled manufacturer and supplier of such items, then turn your attentions to the internet and visit the site run by the UK based firm called My Tiny World. It is absolutely brimming with miniatures of almost every inanimate item imaginable, manufactured at a twelfth of the original size. If you look at a dolls house bathroom for example, you can find a wonderful large range of ceramic bathroom sets, made from actual quality ceramics, which will make for beautiful additions to your dolls house. From their elegant range is a green and white flower pattern 3 piece bathroom suite, which comes with bath, standing sink and a toilet. The taps are gold as is the flushing handle complementing the suite exquisitely. Other lines on the website include dolls house cakes, which are all hand made, with literally hundreds of different miniature cakes and gateaux to choose from and some of the cakes are so lifelike it is hard to believe they are not edible.

Dolls House Miniature Ceramics

The range of dolls house miniature ceramics really is second to none. Many of the handmade dolls house ceramics cups, jugs and plates are used in jewellery making with over 30 different designs available. MyTinyWorlds dolls house blog shows how to use and make many of the items sold in thier online shop with articles about making their dolls house miniature packaging, miniature pub signs and dolls house miniature seed packets being especially popular. A vast new range of hand painted dolls house miniature ceramics is currently being introduced along with a some very beautiful dolls house miniature glass decanters and jars. Each of these miniature glass creations is handmade and are very beautiful. Many of the dolls house miniature labels from the apothecary section fit very well onto these dolls house miniature glass bottles proving authentic chemist and apothecary miniature scenes. MyTinyWorlds blog and their facebook page often show previews of their new products such as the dolls house miniature ceramic animals, dolls house miniatures poison and herb labels as well as their world class miniature ceramics collection.

Dolls House Food

If you have a passion for all things miniature and have a dolls house to keep these diminutive items in, or simply like them in their own right as decorative items, then be sure to check out the website of the UK based firm called My Tiny World, an online supplier and manufacturer of dolls house miniatures. From their vast selection can be found almost any inanimate and living replica made in a twelfth of their original size, making them perfect sizes to fit into any dolls house. Looking at the dolls house kitchen accessories and you come across items you can cook with, prepare food with or on, and there is also a full range of ceramics and glassware to go with the other kitchenware items. A lovely example is a black metal wok that comes with a wooden handle and a spatula that would go very well in a modern looking miniature kitchen. One of the most popular items on the site is the dolls house flowers and plants. So vast is there collection of these, they proclaim to have the largest selection of miniature hand made flowers available. All are very detailed and are individual works of art. There are hundreds of different flowers to choose from such as flowers in vases, with three elegant purple and white roses that come in a short real glass vase finished with resin to replicate water as one example and a wide range of miniature cacti as another.

Dolls House Furniture

Miniature creations are becomingly increasingly popular, both by people who create these small works of art and by collectors. So much so, there are now trade fairs that occur regularly where suppliers, manufacturers and collectors meet to exchange product knowledge and to do serious business. One of the leading online manufacturers and suppliers of such items is My Tiny World whose website is packed with hundreds if not thousands of individually hand made dolls house furniture miniatures. A quick browse of their site will bring you to their substantial catalogue, including dolls house lighting, where you can find a decent collection of twelfth scale electric lights and related accessories, such as desk lamps for miniature studies, or for the driveway an elegant set of Victorian style street lamps. All of the dolls house lights actually work and use 12 volt lights with replaceable bulbs, with main adapters, extra plugs and extension cables also supplied. There are plenty of other similarly made miniature items such as boxes and cans, garden dcor, items for musical rooms including a range of musical items such as guitars, drum kits, saxophones and pianos. The range of dolls house glass is handmade, and there is a beautiful hand blown collection to choose from too. From glass jugs, perfect for miniature dining rooms, to handmade clear brandy glasses that are especially popular and which will sit perfectly in a study, and fruit bowls that can act as a perfect centre piece for a miniature living room table.

A Dolls Houses Dream

Owning a dolls house and keeping it empty would be akin to having a beautiful display cabinet and not putting anything in it to display. Thankfully, the choice of miniature items that can be bought for dolls house sets is in todays market extensive, often of a high quality and very affordable. For an instant look at numerous different product categories then My Tiny World has a website with a vast stock of miniature items to choose from. Looking down the category list, one can see that dolls house food comes in the form of cakes, meals and desserts. Of the meals certain of the items are available straight from stock but can also be made on demand. These realistic twelfth scale models look amazing, and are made from polymer or air dried clay and sit on a tray or plate made from ceramic. From the eternally popular English favourites of egg and chips, burger and chips, pasties and chips and of course the most English of dishes, fish and chips, to a bowl of mushroom or tomato soup, and scrumptious looking salmon dinner you are bound to find something that you would love to eat yourself from this online dolls house shop. To accompany these dishes that can be placed on the miniature kitchen table or dining room table is a set of preparation items, which will give more life to the meals in that they will appear to have been made by these miniature utensils.

Living with a Dolls House

Owning a dolls house can certainly be considered to be a hobby that is ongoing. The world of miniature items has grown to a level whereby almost anything that can be found in a normal sized house has been replicated to twelfth the size to fit nicely into any dolls house. Amongst the leaders in hand made miniatures is a UK based firm call My Tiny World, who have thousands of individual items that have an unbelievable life like appearance. If you look at their dolls house toys for example, which can be found in the accessories section of their list of product categories, you will come across such items as a childs blackboard, which has a picture and equation on it, and comes with a piece of chalk and an eraser. For the childrens bedrooms what better than to have a miniature train set on the bedroom floor, coming in both three and four colourful joined carriages; or a lovely rocking horse that comes in a white finish. If you are looking for some fun and artistic dolls house furniture you will be more than pleased with the collection here. They have miniature beds, wardrobes, cabinets, tables, chairs, whole furniture sets, book cases, cots, display cabinets and fire places, amongst other items. No doubt that once youve thought of everything to go into the dolls house, you will want some wall decorations, and what better than to have some unique dolls house wallpaper.

Invest in some future family heirlooms

What has long been a past time of a few has exploded into a serious business with people from all walks of life having interest in dolls houses and all things miniature. There is a constant desire to have the latest miniature item, and to also create something unique in twelfth the size of its original form to enjoy. Most items that are found on the My Tiny World website are handmade using quality materials. For example the dolls house ceramics, of which there a vast number of individual items including ceramic hand made plates, serving dishes, bowls and vases. There are also a limited number of delicate porcelain style sets, which are definitely worth investigating, but if nothing grabs your attention, you can have something made to your own specifications. Sets such as a 15 piece ceramic tea service made up of four cups, saucers, and plates, a milk jug, sugar pot and a tea pot come in different designs, such as red flower on white or pink flower on yellow. To go on the plates you will of course require some dolls house food, and luckily there is a vast collection of meals including fish and chips, full English breakfast and pizza to choose from; and desserts such as ice cream sundaes, pancakes, and bowls of delicious looking ice cream. All of these exquisitely made items plus any of the other items sold on the site will only add to dolls houses kits, bringing them to life.