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Welcome to MyTinyWorlds Summer Newsletter 2009

Wow, what a whirlwind last few months we have had. We have now settled into our new warehouse and distribution centre in Northampton and as you can see by the photos we are busy racking it all and adding it to our new electronic and bar-coded stock control system.

In our workshop (not pictured) we have 3 staff making many of the handmade products we sell including our range of nail art canes, lots of new resin ponds and products (yet to be released) and lots of fimo and airdried clay cakes, breads and general bakery products.

We have also taken on a fulltime graphic designer so watch out for our catalogue!
We now carry a product range of around 6000 different items and at any one time have one million items in stock.

We have just released a large range of 7 dolls houses, 80 new fimo nail art cane designs, our hugely popular Glass Apothecary range and labels, extended our furniture range by another 200 items, introduced 150 new cakes, 100 new flowers in glass and as bouquets and added a further 200 products to our already huge ceramics collection!

So What next? We are preparing to launch over 200 new handmade glass items many for a chemists/Apothecary shop and a Witches and Wizards setup.
A truly unique set of custom made one off houses including Medieval Inns, Taverns and Coach Houses, Castles, Thatched Cottages, Tudor houses and many other period pieces.

We have a further 260 new period carpets and tapestries to release, 300+ new food items, 12 brand new dinner services, a massive range of cast metal items, plaster roses and coving, a large custom collection of wallpapers and borders, wooden flooring and huge range of MyTinyWorld flower kits...

Please take a moment to look through the rest of the newsletter to get a glimpse of some of our new products we have already released and future releases.

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Beautiful Cocktail Range In a Handmade Glass

All of our miniature cocktails are in real glass which is hand blown and created individually, one by one, making each one unique. These cocktails are absolutely stunning and really set of your miniature dolls house scenes.

Real Glass, Real Class. This is a collectors item.

25 different cocktails available.

Click here to visit our shop and view our cocktail range!

Extensive Handmade Glass Range

MyTinyWorlds Hand blown glassware collection has well over a 200 different pieces designed just for your miniature dolls house all of which are available from stock. It is very often the small things that make a dolls house what it is.

Our glassware is certainly one of things! Hand made and finely detailed these beautifully thin glass creations will make your friends envious! This glass is extremely fine not the thick chunky glass available elsewhere. We have Never had any feedback other than excellent from our happy customers.

Add a real touch of class, add some of our glass to your order.

Click here to visit our shop and take a look at our glass range!

Apothercary Range

Our extensive range of Apothecary items is totally unique to us and we have spend considerable amounts of time and energy designing stunning and beautiful pieces that compliment and enhance your dolls house scenes.

All of the glass items are hand blown to our designs and exacting standards.

Labels are produced from an authentic originals owned by us (shown in listings) and then modified and miniaturised to give a high quality, totally authentic look for use in your chemists or Apothecaries.

Click here to view our Apothecary range!

Working 12v Electric Lights Range

We have recently added a further 40 new lights to our already extensive range including many beautiful Victorian street lamps and Christmas lights.

These lights really add the finishing touches to your house.

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Furniture Range

We sell affordable sets to enable you to quickly setup an entire room scene and individual furniture for those of you who want to pick and choose to create that perfect dolls house scene full of character and charm.

Our vastly extended range offers some of the best furniture pieces available at very reasonable prices.

Click here to view our extensive new range of furniture!

Cakes Range

MyTinyWorlds extensive range of luxurious dolls house miniature cakes and gateaux are all hand made, and are we believe, not only the best quality, but the best price.

With the addition of our new cake range we now have the widest range of dolls house miniature handmade cakes available anywhere.

Click here to visit our shop and be tempted by our cakes!

Canes Range

These canes are hand crafted from Polymer Clay to our designs and many are totally unique. Many of the fruit and vegetable canes and slices are used by miniaturists for making 1/12th scale food.

Many of the leaves, feathers and flowers are used extensively in nail art which we supply worldwide and we are probably the largest supplier worldwide to this market.

Our brand new chocolate box range is proving to be extremely popular.

Click here to see our worldclass range of canes and slices.

Houses Range

Our inexpensive houses are perfect for the beginner and established collector alike. We have a wide selection of houses in different styles and colours all of which will make perfect homes for your dolls house miniatures.

We have over 6000 different beautiful 1/12th scale items for you to fill your new house with and we will be only too pleased to help you make your selections.

Click here to view our Dolls Houses.

New products in the shop ...

We have been working on lots of new display counter, cake stands and other exciting projects such as this Ice Cream Counter.

We have an exciting range of new foods almost ready to launch including Chip Shop Range (Cod, chips and mushy peas pictured), Indian food and much more.

On a lighter note... We recently caught the newest member of the MyTinyWorld Team sitting down on the job.

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