Restoring An Original WW1 Poster For Use As A Dolls House Miniature Poster

We have had a lot of positive feedback over our article on how we make our dolls house miniature packaging and have agreed to do some future articles on the same subject.
As we seem to be gravitating towards the older style packing and products like our Victorian dress packets and our increasing range of dolls house miniature World War 1 posters we found we very quickly had to hone our skills with Photoshop in the area of restoration.

Many of the images and originals we have are either approaching a century old or are an of an item approaching a century old! Nothing survives that long without some kind of damage, staining, tears, fold marks etc.

MyTinyWorld Dolls House Miniature Webbs Seed Sign Before and After Touchup

MyTinyWorld Dolls House Miniature Webbs Seed Sign Before and After Touchup

Above you can see the image of webs seed sign before we have remastered it on the left, and after remastering on the right. Amazing the difference it makes just removing a few rust spots and enhancing the colour. Virtually all of the dolls house miniature signs on our website have required at least some remastering with a few requiring substantial surgery!

Whether its a sign, a poster or our dolls house miniature packaging we pretty much tackle the problems in the same way. I am going to show you have we restore and repair one of our popular world war 1 . The whole process took about two hours but the resulting miniature poster was well worth the effort!

WW1-original-posterWW1 Poster After Touchup

Poster on the left is the original file before touchup and the one on the right after – click images to see large file version.

Below you will see the sequence as we process the poster. As we go through each stage you will be able to click the stage title to see that stages image.

MyTinyWorld Dolls House Miniature Poster Progress

MyTinyWorld Dolls House Miniature Poster From Original to finished in 6 steps!

Stage 1 We survey the original image. You can see the poster sitting in the middle with various reference rulers at the top left and bottom right. The poster itself is in a pretty poor state with chunks of it missing or damaged.

Stage 2 We remove all the unnecessary parts of the image by cropping it. We also straighten the image at this point.

Stage 3 We give the poster a nice clean border which enables us to cut away some of the damage at the lower right. Just by adding the pale cream border to the poster makes it look 100% better!

Stage 4 We cut away more of the damage from the picture by replacing it with black that was originally there

Stage 5 We use the clone tool to replace the picture underneath the damaged section by using a section of the undamaged embankment. Bottom right corner is then rounded off using a black brush.

Stage 6 All of the text is repaired – creases are removed and text lines are straightened. We then brighten the text back to nearer how it was originally.

Stage 7 All that’s left to do now is play around with the brightness and contract of the main picture and drop a little more colour in.

We now have one finished poster ready for us make into a dolls house miniature poster. As we have now remastered the original we can make the new dolls house version into any scale – we currently offer 1:6th, 1:12th and 1:24th but we have plans to offer these in life size as well!

Some of you may have noticed there are images in the overview, but 7 stages in the walk through – As stages 6 and 7 are done at the same time I opted to skip that picture in the overview to same space!

Please take your time to view our huge range of ww1 posters – we can also produce these as full size posters if required.

Our next how-to article will show how we make our dolls house miniature pub signs including custom designs for customers. Until then please keep all your comments, likes, tweets and feedback coming in!

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