Make Your Own Dolls House Miniature Flowers With Our Craft Kits

Welcome to all our new miniature blog followers.

Where has the time gone? Its been nearly 2 weeks since we posted on this blog yet it seems as if it was only yesterday! We have had 2 and 1 dolls house miniature show in the interim and launched our new handmade jewellery range (coming in another blog article soon!) successfully to over 22,000 visitors to a show at the NEC in Birmingham.

We seem to be caught up in some kind of time warp where you blink and the day has gone! Well hopefully we can help part of your day fly by with this new blog article.

Today I am going to introduce you to our new dolls house miniature flower . We have been quietly developing these kits for nearly 3 years now and we are really excited as we are only a month or so away from final production! These are a first of kind – nothing exists anything like this anywhere in the world. We have developed them from scratch and are bursting to show them to everyone!

We received our first physical mock up last month which we have shown to various organisations and magazines to what can only be described as immense interest. We already have advanced orders for over 7,000 units of these miniature kits.

Large Dolls House Flower Kit Box Design

Large Dolls House Flower Kit Box Design

What are these flower kits and whats in them I hear you ask? Well the initial set of kits will consist of 26 different flowers (see list later in the article) spread across 5 skill levels; Beginner, Intermediate, Challenging, Advanced and Expert.

Each of the kits comes complete with everything you need to make 10 of our popular dolls house miniature flower beds. There are two kit sizes, large and small. The large kits are designed to be bigger beds with mature flowers and the small kits provide flowers suitable for lower ground cover and adding to bases of larger kits.

Importantly, these kits are not restricted to dolls house miniaturists – they can very easily be adapted by jewellery makers, general crafts people, accessory makers or used by people who just like a particular flower. Our flowers kits can be used to make ear rings, rings, charms, bracelets, hairgrips and can even be used as nail art. The uses are endless and they are the absolute best present to give for birthdays, Mothers Day, Christmas or in fact any special event.

MyTinyWorlds Rose Making Instructions

MyTinyWorlds Rose Making Instructions

We have gone to great lengths to provide step by step photographic instructions on how to make each flower and base as can been seen in the photographs to the right.

MyTinyWorlds Rose Bed Base Making Instructions

MyTinyWorlds Rose Bed Base Making Instructions

Each instruction sheet also gives tips on mixing colours to create different shades, provides visual ideas on alternative uses for the finished item. Please note the instruction sheets shown are not the finished article so they will differ slightly from the finished ones as we improve and polish them.

Each kit comes not only with the coloured powders and clays but with custom made flower and leaf cutters and tools. With each additional craft kit you buy your collection of cutters increases which can be used virtually infinitely and not just with our dolls house craft kits.

You will be able to buy additional clay and colour powders from us meaning that you only ever need to purchase one full kit of any particular flower no matter how many items you make.

Early Shot of Prototype Custom Cutters

Early Shot of Prototype Custom Cutters

For the readers that are interested, we will give a more in-depth look at our dolls house miniature flower craft kits once they are ready for sale and we will also show you how we went about designing the kits including the logos, the custom cutters, the and photo’ing the making of each of our carefully selected flowers.

The many decisions we had to make to ensure the kits were reusable, affordable and desirable. We already sell our ready made DIY dolls house miniature flower beds worldwide and decided that we would also offer the new flowers from the new kits pre-made for customers who did not want to, or could not, use our craft kits.

Dolls House Miniature Flower Kit Box Designs

Dolls House Miniature Flower Kit Box Designs

In the first release we will launch 26 flowers; 20 large kits and 6 small kits. Those flowers are as follows.

Large Kits : Calla Lilly, Snowdrop, Iris, Hyacinth, Anthurium, Hydrangea, Poppy, Ladies Slipper Orchid, Foxglove, Tulip, Lilly, Rhododendron, Cattleya, Bluebell, Daffodil, Wisteria, Poinsettia, Rose and Lotus.

Small Kits : Crocus, Cyclamen, Daisy, Forget Me Not, Morning Glory and Pansies.

Below you will find some examples of the new Dolls House Miniature DIY Flower beds that can be made from our new kits. We hope like them as much as we do and look forward to your comments and feedback.

On a separate note we will be doing a follow up to both the dolls house miniature pub sign article and the dolls house miniature packaging article in the next two weeks.


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  2. Hedi says:

    What a truely informative and fantastic article. It makes such a change to find a company that actually makes it own things instead of just SAYING it makes its things. Keep up the good work and ill be back for more!

  3. Graciela says:

    Dear all

    I am interesting to but the kid to make flowers . When will it be delivered for sellin ?
    Thanks in advance


    • pauld says:

      Hi Graciela,

      Thanks for your question. The kits are currently being produced and finalised so should be for sale within 6 to 8 weeks. We have been asked by many customers to add a pre-order form which we will be adding in the next couple of weeks with a good promotion if you pre-order.


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