Ever wondered how we make our labels?

We have often been asked how we make our unique range of miniature labels, packets, posters and packaging so detailed and realistic.   Of particular interest is our range of miniature Labels which feature real herbs with real “” properties as passed down by generations for hundreds of years.

Camphor, Cascara Segrada, Cassia and Cats Claw Labels

At the moment there are 40 unique miniature magic labels in this range, with a further 40 in development.  Eventually there will be early 200 to collect which when used with our vast range of miniature glass specially made for dolls house gives a truly stunning effect.

Each label can take up to 4 hours to fully research and design. Each label is individually aged so that no two labels in the set look the same. We use special digital brushes to create effects such as water damage, fading, age spots and general weathering.

In the next post I will take you through the process of researching, designing and making of these beautiful dolls house miniature labels.

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