Dolls House Miniatures – A hobby Or A Full Time Job

Welcome fellow miniaturists, bloggers, hobbyists and model makers!

As you may be able to tell by the title, todays dolls house blog entry is not a “how to make”, tutorial or hints and tips article.  Its just a general catchup to let you know what we have been doing, what new dolls house miniature products we have released, what we are going to be doing and a general.

So, why the title?  Well, this has been the general them of conversations at our work shop for the best part of two weeks.  We cannot work out how anybody who makes or collects can call it a !  It seems no matter what we do in relation to dolls house it never just takes a small amount of time and very rarely goes how we expect it to the first time!  The simplest of tasks turns in to a job hours long – one minute its 10am then next its 2pm…  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything we need to do.

On one side of the “is it a job or a hobby” camp is the a hobby should be a part time activity to fill a few hours in doing something you are passionate about.  The other half are saying a hobby is just something you do that you enjoy and very rarely get paid to do!!

We do it primarily as a job as we obviously make and sell dolls house miniatures but after discussions decided clearly if our company disappeared overnight we would not know what to do with ourselves – dolls house has somehow snuck in to our lives and taken it over to the point that we would struggle to live without it!  So, does the fact we love what we do make it a hobby even though we get paid to do it and its full time?  Answers on a postcard!

For the many of you that follow our facebook or news page you will have been watching us introducing many new ranges and expanding existing ones.  We have a further 800 or so new items we are listing this month due to a serious backlog building up – normally we only have around 200 new items.

For those of you who have not been following the updates a very brief overview is included below.

Dolls House Miniature Ceramics Heart Range

Dolls House Miniature New Heart Range

We have introduced 18 new dolls house miniature ceramics patterns to our extensive collection.  The ones shown above are from the hearts range.  Each set has 18 different pieces although not all are available and include; teacup and saucer, 17mm plate, 22mm plate, 25mm plate, small and large bowl, 2 types of jug, soup terrain, flan dish and square plates.   new dolls house ceramic preview page is here and the mytinyworld ceramics shop page is here.

Dolls House Miniature Fruit and Vegetable Range

New Additions to our Dolls House Miniature Fruit and Vegetable Range

18 New fruit and vegetables were added to our range this month.  Facebook fruit and vegetable gallery page is here and the mytinyworld’s dolls house miniature fruit and veg shop page is here.

MyTinyWorld Gummy Bear Jewellery Range

MyTinyWorld Gummy Bear Range

Our range of over 60 different gummy bear and cola bottle jewellery, mobile charms and jewellery componants were launched mid may.  Facebook gallery is here and the jewellery shop page is here.

MyTinyWorld Sugar Craft Cutters

Some Of The MyTinyWorld Sugar Craft Cutter Range

Over the last year we have introduced a large range of sugar craft cutters which have proved to be very popular.  In May we launched a further 60 with another 400 to release this month.  View the sugar craft cutter shop page here.

MyTinyWorld Dolls House Miniature Jewellery

MyTinyWorlds Jewellery based on our Dolls House Miniature Products

Having supplied many big stores and popular websites with our jewellery for nearly 2 years we finally decided to release our range to the retail market direct.  We displayed part of our range at a beauty show in march which was a complete hit and are now starting to introduce the range of over 600 items on to our website.  Facebook preview page is here and our jewellery shop page is here.

Dolls House Miniature Glass Jugs, decanters and glasses

New Items In Our Dolls House Miniature Range

We are introducing the new additions to our handmade glass range this month.  Our dolls house miniature glass is can be found here.

We have been busy attending a whole raft of beauty shows with our canes and slices and our new glitter range.  We did Dolls House Show back in March (Photos here) and have booked to do the show in October.  We have been given a prime position where we will have our own custom made stand covering 9 square meters.  We are introducing a number of new products at the show as well as running a class on the Friday.

We have also been attending other dolls house shows in Europe and in the UK – show schedule is here.

Our flower kits are due out in 3 months and already have 2 very large UK companies wanting to stock them across there stores – a pre-order page for retail customers will be added to our website in the next few weeks.

Next week we will be showing you how we make the chocolates used in our jewellery range that have proved to be very popular with celebrities and around the world.

As always, comments and thoughts are most welcome.


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