Dolls House Miniature Glass Makes Great Gifts

We are often asked to recommend one or two pieces from our extensive dolls house miniature range for a special occasion.  First of all we have to establish whether or not it is for miniature collector or not.

I realise this must sound odd, but increasingly we are getting requests for cake toppers (a selection of our exquisite musical instruments made it on top of a wedding cake for a musically inclined couple!), table gifts for wedding guests (300 wardrobes!), photo shoots, film productions and some of our dolls house miniature packaging even made it in to a period drama.

Once, we have established they are a collector (all the specialist requests like those mentioned above always know roughly what they want) we have to try and narrow the range down from the selection of over 12,000 miniatures we stock to a couple of categories.

Normally at this point we ask what their budget is as this can rapidly help direct us to specific miniature ranges.

Over the past 3 years the actual items we ended up recommended could have been anything – people truely didn’t know what they wanted and were just looking for a bit a of guidance.

Then it all changed.  The last 6 or 7 months have seen the conversations going more along the lines of what pieces of miniature glass or what miniature pub signs can you recommend.  So why the change?  Quite simply we have introduced what are quite simply the best miniature and miniature in the market and they are desirable and become cherished gifts.

Our miniature glass and miniature stand apart not just because it is very fairly priced but because of the outstanding quality and attention to detail.  These two ranges in particular stand out from the crowd.

We cover how we design our miniature packaging including our miniature ww1 posters, minature pub signs and our dolls house food packaging in a series of 4 articles on our blog linked below.

Blog article showing dolls house miniature can labels

Blog article showing the making of dolls house miniature packaging

Blog article showing how to make dolls house miniature pub signs

Blog showing restoring and making miniature ww1 posters

We will be including a similar blog article about how we design and make our miniature glass in the future.

One of the most important features of our glass is that it is specially designed to be usable. Lids are removable like on our brand new miniature glass teapots, our glass decanters are hollow and can be filled.  Our dolls house glass punch bowls have removable glass cups hanging from delicate glass hooks.  Our huge range of miniature glass apothecary bottles and jars all have removable stoppers, lids or corks.

Importantly, the glass is not thick and chunky – we have tried to keep the glass thickness to scale.  Noone wants a dolls house miniature glass which when scaled up would make the sides a foot thick!

On that note, I leave you with some pictures of a few of the new miniature glass pieces we have introduced this month.  (Click Images to enlarge)

Elegant Curved Dolls House Miniature Glass Vase

Curved Dolls House Miniature Glass Vase

Delicate Clear Dolls House Miniature Glass Teapot With Lid

Dolls House Miniature Glass Teapot

Dolls House Miniature Glass Globe Jar With Metal Lid

Dolls House Miniature Glass Globe Jar


Dolls House Miniature Elegant Glass Water Jug

Dolls House Miniature Elegant Glass Water Jug

We are currently preparing for the Dolls House show in in October, so if any of our many customers wish us to bring their orders with us please email us and let us know.




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