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MyTinyWorld At Olympia 2010

MyTinyWorld have great pleasure in presenting the photographs of our stand at the Olympia 2010 Beauty Exhibition which built on our success from Olympia 2009.

The show was once again hugely successful and our new ranges which include our nail wheels and nail pots went down a storm.

MyTinyWorld products are now sold worldwide and are stocked by some of the biggest names in the beauty industry.

MyTinyWorldNails - Our Stand Before Exibition Opening MyTinyWorldNails - Area shot of our nail wheel display MyTinyWorldNails - Cutting Demonstration Area MyTinyWorldNails - Close-up of nail whell display MyTinyWorldNails - Posters, blades and nail art slices section MyTinyWorldNails - Terrie and Nikki posing MyTinyWorldNails - Terrie adding the finishing touches to our stand MyTinyWorldNails - Jade getting bored making up point of sale bags MyTinyWorldNails - Terrie looking happy at the prospect of 2 long days ahead! MyTinyWorldNails - Long shot of our finish exhibition stand MyTinyWorldNails - Side view of stand showing end of panel posters MyTinyWorldNails - Long shot of stand from the nail art slice end MyTinyWorldNails - end shot showing popup banner MyTinyWorldNails - Jade, Robert, Terrie and Paul busy serving MyTinyWorldNails - Nikki, Paul, Terrie and Robert serving an ever busier stand MyTinyWorldNails - Customers looking at our nail art wheel section MyTinyWorldNails - Robert in foreground pretending to be rushed off his feet MyTinyWorldNails - Everyone busy serving with customers 3 deep along the entire 6 metres MyTinyWorldNails - One at a time please ladies!  Jade trying to keep order amongst the chaos MyTinyWorldNails - Near the end of the first day and still the customers come MyTinyWorldNails - Lunch breaks cancelled!  All hands to the deck. MyTinyWorldNails - Nikki helping a customer MyTinyWorldNails - Jade serving some customers MyTinyWorldNails - Even with our extended stall - 7 metres - it still didnt seem big enough MyTinyWorldNails - Our nail art wheels and canes were popular thoughout the entire exhibition MyTinyWorldNails - 10 minutes from the end and things are calming down MyTinyWorldNails - maybe not! Even after closing customers remained for 30 minutes

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